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A Star-Like Start
30 August
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I want to be the boy with the most Cake
a clockwork orange, a small victory, a static lullaby, acceptance, ace enders, acoustic anything, africa, amity, anything not real, armor for sleep, army of darkness, artemus fowl, as patient stars align, better luck next year, bleed the dream, books, boys night out, brand new, bright eyes, cake, cartel, celestial art, cereal, chicago, clarity process, coffee shops, coheed and cambria, copeland, costa rica, critter cakes, crx, dashboard confessional, days away, days like these, dead poetic, dont look down, enigma, ever we fall, fairweather, fall out boy, fangoria, fiji, finch, finding westerly, fireflies, flat black, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, fun, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, girls of summer, guitar, halifax, hidden in plainview, horror, i heart friends, indie, jamisonparker, jersey, jimmy eat world, keyboards, landis, lemony snicket, lifetime, lobster records, long since forgotten, mae, matchbook romance, michael jackson, midtown, moments in grace, my chemical romance, my dog casino, name taken, naps, new found glory, nightmare of you, no hollywood ending, northstar, number one fan, october skies, open hand, ovaltine, over it, park, peter toh, photography, pop, psuedo violence, punchline, ready set clothing, remember maine, riding bikes, rita's water ice, rufio, rustboy, saosin, saves the day, scarves, screamo, sex, short films, shows, socks in the mud, spirituality, spitalfield, staring back, stars hide fire, story of the year, straylight run, summer nights, super macho, surfing, taking back sunday, tattoos, the beautiful mistake, the book of revelations, the burning sky project, the city, the early november, the gloria record, the goodwill, the juliana theory, the june spirit, the movielife, the nightmare before christmas, the ocean, the prize fight, the rocket summer, the spill canvas, the starting line, the stryder, the time machine, the used, thrice, thrift, thursday, tim burton, time and distance, tokyo rose, unsung zeros, vineland, waking ashland, wal-mart, warmth, wawa runs, yellowcard